they do, let this girl, she could only feel stupid, not stupid, it does not go a day.

  He regretted, can be helpful?Even with a lifetime of atonement, will not lead back daughter.
  ”Xiao-ping, come.”Pei Naochun smiled, waved red Pei Xiaoping.

Chapter 78 is a patriarchal (d)?(six)
  Kurtis house renovation a few years back, when the first Pei Naochun father was alive, and had to re-build a back half the original wooden structure, was exhaustively removed, then replaced fashionable brick cement material , and then again, before Pei Naochun marriage, home and repair a while, though small homestead, can the whole house, 杭州桑拿in the village is also regarded as one of the best, enviable.
  It is also for this reason, Wu Guizhi always been very health of the family got the idea, if in the summer, almost every re-cleaned every day, but the winter cold, this is slightly slowed the frequency of some cleaning.
  Pei Xiaoping sheepishly Looking forward, hesitated, looking at his mother, in fact, she and her father really is a bit strange, ever since the birth, she has been and grandparents live in the village, although his father often came back from the front, back and forth can each home, it is impossible to put all thoughts on her daughter, she also will be able to top the day and the father said with so few words, especially this year, resigned after his father work outside the home, the past six months, for her, his father is a vague title, familiar and unfamil南宁桑拿论坛iar.
  ”Dad shouted How about you, what do you do!”Tangzhao Di daughter saw this kind of tweaking, a little anxious, her husband came home, did not see his son two, to see her daughter, she was not very handy, can be fairly acceptable, but since her husband call her daughter, daughter should be big enough to, so petty, what it regarded as a?She shoved a daughter, she arched forward delivery.
  ”Dad, I’m here.”She looked at my father, hands and feet do not know on what, for fear her mother angry back, can go forward, his hear