t is also a little nervous, her father moved in front of the turtle speed, strange for a long time, even to say you do not even know the.

  ”Dad brought you a gift.”Pei Naochun squat, flush eyes and his daughter, his hand behind him to pull, dig inside the package being something of it, heard Wu Guizhi speak.
  ”Naochun, you’re not putting this money to 北京夜网do what?”Wu Guizhi hands on his hips,” You’re out of work, life is not better, that money ought himself aside, where the need to buy what Xiaoping?Food and drink at home, you worry about Biexia.”
  Her son and his wife still prides itself on housekeeping or not, with a bit of momentum pointing country for fear his son has not learned to make money, they first learned Prodigal.
  ”Mom, these small city to sell cheaper, people there have a wholesale market, boss, we are cheaper than in town, I’ll give you all buy something.”Pei Naochun immediately back to ancient times, where all the same, when it comes to buy something, you have to learn to use the language of art, coupled with the artistic process, ten money to buy, say it would have played three fold, three money to buy, say, take the first gift, anyway, be sure to pressing 杭州夜网论坛the bottom line of their elders, everyone comes to desirable date.
  ”My old bones, to which what?You have to have money, it is better to Zihao buy more things, and before that jar of milk quickly finished, he may like to eat!”Wu Guizhi should be busy, it can not help but glance to her eyes.
  Pei Naochun’d know about his mother’s mind, he magically pulled out something from the bag, points out, he and his wife own aging mother, with all the clothes, which is not much of a lie, S side of the city clothing multi-plant, every couple of weeks, the factory door can Jianlou, able to discount the price, buy defective, and he wanted to buy two just now fashionable windbreaker jacket, can house some really cold After much deliberation, he bought a simple thick cotton jacket, take the package inside and inside