cruples, “rain, next time do not do it, and so did mom to come back!”General Fang Xiulan evening meal is done.

  Nguyen rain a help to do it a lot easier Fang Xiulan.
  Nguyen rain smiling, “I do not taste it?”
  Where is not good, it is incredibly delicious, Fang Xiulan think long-term, do you worry about the rain, delicious, cook later this dude who fell into their own daughter, but she was not good as these words are like family people of.
  Zhou Xiuying naturally understand the meaning of the youngest daughter, she was straightforward, “we later rounds of the old Ruan meals do!”
  Ai-Chi push lightly a sauerkraut Roumo, vague said, “Mom, rain, since to do good北京会所体验网, let the rain do, we hard day, back warming mouth delicious meal can be a lot easier blanket!”
  Zhao Xiaoling can not wait to own that stupid to plug her mother’s mouth, she said, Hudu sub-old woman to do so if the rain let Ruan, she told her mother stupid name.
  Sure enough, the word went Ai-Chi said, on the table quite a few of Face, Zhou Xiuying nothing more than taking a “forward Sansao your children every day in the county to work, come back every night to cook, you have not seen a hard day you say you Sansao , and this time you will turn to cook, say a hard day??”
  Ai-Chi Samsam said, “Mom, you can not be so eccentric, silly rain for so many years, no trace of chores done at home, and now finally well, not in, two years into her husband’s family on the.”
  That one said, can ignite a Dodo suddenly Flanagan nerve Fang Xiulan, a “sister, my rain is not done, but Zhiwen and support Wu two male Wazi live every day to help the family do can be a lot Zhigang, Victor and Zhi Liang three people may have done??”
  Ward of three, came back later the same can be related to the uncle, not a drag on the ground down with a bit of help.
  Ai-Chi quickly said,北京会所体验网 “Our family three kid, male Wazi!”
  Fang Xiulan ridicule, “Our family and Chi Wu Zhiwen Is not?”Why do they do??Do not just want to help parents reduce the burden on