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  ”This is how much it can get!”Wu Guizhi hand touch the top of the cloth, and my heart is beautiful.
  ”not much.”Pei Naochun pointing,” This is a few clothes, a large cargo wrong, discounted to sell, do not worry Mom, really not that expensive.”Said the words, he continued to dig into the bag, to Peizai Hao with, or so a whole jar of milk, looks touches to some more advanced, top foreign words are written, and this year’s trumpet city, It has been a lot of “water off”, coming and going, with these special.
  ”Just, Zihao have nourishing food, we have lost this time Zihao.”Tangzhao Di busy to take over, smile beautiful, their clothes are put aside, she was surprised广州桑拿, busy patted Wu Guizhi,” Mom, you see, this is what foreign goods!”Her low levels of literacy, foreign goods may be popular now, she is still the factory yard, I read some of these words should recognize a foreign word.
  Wu Guizhi squinting for a while, did not recognize: “I know what this, but for Zihao trying to be difficult, we do not take Zihao to be lost hungry.”She held out her hand, funny funny daughter in her arms the Peizai Hao, he sent did not take over what little darlings egg is, in fact, in this house, most plump, but is himself lying in her arms, small fists clenched, half asleep Pei Zaihao.
  ”Xiao-ping, this is my father brought you the.”Pei Naochun around the circle, finally able to pull out specially prepared gift, and in the bottom of the bag, a brown teddy bear on top of also wearing a princess dress, with a smal苏州夜网l crown, exceptionally pleasant, just under pressure in a long time, some seem flat, a little tweak, pat, they look fluffy.
  ”This is for my?”Pei Xiaoping took a step forward, took the teddy bear in my arms, it can feel soft and warm to the touch,” Thanks, Dad.”She was flattered, could not help but rub a little fac北京夜网e and rub on the bear, the bear could not bear to leave close.
  ”Of course it is for you.”Pei Naochun gently patted her daughter’s head,” Do you like it?”