ike!”Pei Xiaoping answered quickly, obviously just a bear, but like what her father has shortened the distance and, after stripping the layer of strangeness, had few memories along, gradually emerge, to her looming I think of the past and dad talking scene.

  This sound is not small like, what attracted the attention of Peizi Hao, perhaps because the bear doll pink princess 杭州桑拿dress bright colors, and a child born to a teddy bear or have yearning, he suddenly fist, it is necessary exploration down, if not Tangzhao Di hold it firmly, almost did not fall headlong, scared white face and went to Wu Guizhi.
  ”Now, sir, can not scare us, what trouble it.”Tangzhao Di frightened, hol南宁桑拿ding coax.
  Peizai Hao and not to appease, seeing farther and farther away from the bear, his eyes already down, this age child, first perceived, is the tears of their own weapons, as long as the cry, will be holding coax as long cry, you can have milk to drink.In short, just-do, to cry again, sharp cries of children getting louder and louder, filling the entire house, only the hand, and constantly stretched down.
  ”Bear is not wanted Zihao?”Wu Guizhi and panic, anxious children cry when it is very scary, and always able to cry what red face, breath, crying hurt there, what she lock the target, reaching a little hard, they the Di Liu Pei Xiaoping grabbed the bear look up, her hands held up, staggered in front of Peizi Hao, “is not it like this?”
  A renowned for their favorite things in the eyes, Pei Zaihao also admitted to tears, as the北京夜网 grandmother of the action, gradually smile, giggling and laughing, talking about normal people did not really understand the mysterious words, a hand grasping a grip, you want enough to bear.
  ”I smiled the.”Tangzhao Di also relieved,” we Zihao, so small to know what is a good thing, most like my father bought the bear not right?”She did not forget to mention the name of her husband to her son.
  Sudden change, some froze to Pei Naochun moment, and then they looked at