AC Milan star winger fancy Argentina

Following this forum Chur mid-2015's, AC Milan once again spotted another supernova Pavon array of Boca Juniors, Boca Juniors and has been on the Milan squad of Gustavo – interest Gomez。 "Italian football" message, the Rossoneri are preparing for the summer window, but they can not commit to spending large sums until UEFA through their voluntary investment agreement。 And now on the reinforcement winger, AC Milan took a fancy to Argentina's Boca Juniors winger Pavone, Pavone contributed 19 goals in 70 games, 19 assists in Boca。
"Turin Sports Daily" that the asking price for Boca Juniors 35 million euros, and had rejected the offer and Inter Milan on loan Arsenal offer of 30 million euros。
Because Gustavo Boca Juniors against AC Milan – interested Gomez, the Rossoneri may be able to lower prices as a bargaining chip。
In 2015, AC Milan had already reached an agreement this forum Chur deal with Boca Juniors。
However, because at that time Juventus hope to introduce this Tanku Er in 2016, Boca Juniors and Juventus do not want to damage the relationship was terminated negotiations Milan。
This Tanku Er eventually joined Juventus in 2016。