the bear into the sky, appeared in front of his son, Pei Xiaoping then obediently stood, hands to maintain a posture to hold bear a while, then release open, behind you, lowered his head again.

  ”Mom, Zhao Di, Xiao-ping which is to buy gifts, how to Zihao truth.”Pei Naochun also with a smile.
  Wu Guizhi is the grandson had forgotten son, she flew a white son: “How can you what my!Are sister brother, what points you what I, again, all Ku Cheng Zihao, let him play a game is not in?And so he slept say.”
  ”Yes ah, Naochun深圳桑拿, you see, so like Zihao bear it.”Tangzhao Di, then, further than her mother’s, she thought, quite simple, since his son like, give a good son, this year, something not all of it allocated the house?Daughters are so big, they do not play any dolls.
  ”Not the truth.”Pei Naochun frowned, he can understand, adult heart, always w杭州桑拿洗浴ant to make some big to small, he do not think that this is all wrong, after all, how can we have a baby and speak the truth?Slightly larger child, relative to understand something, it touches can go hear the truth, but this is not the same, the larger the unconditional sacrifice, the child is born of parents, brothers and sisters understand each other, out of affection, But this is what the word can not get away from each other, obviously the children are still small, he was a bit to see how this unconditional pay prototype of it?
  Again, this one does not simply contain the differences brought about by the size of the.
  ”What is not the truth.”Tang Guizhi just think it unreasonable own son,” Xiao-ping, you tell her grandmother, younger brother to play the Bears students do not get angry?You are a big man, you do not need to 天津夜网play the bear.”
  She always love about these, too deep that, Pei Zaihao not just this minimum, or Kurtis Golden Sun, naturally need care, and more to enjoy some good things, where she spoke these words to pass!
  ”I.”Pei Xiaoping looked on helplessly bear, she knew that he liked how this doll, it is a father’s