gift she re广州桑拿ceived, before that, her only some toys, grandmother to her head with a rag seam sandbags, but ever since my mother was pregnant with baby brother, she said she and her grandmother with the truth, they also appear in the mind.

  ”I also wanted to give his brother to play.”She hesitated to answer, head whispered, presumably the younger brother to play, little brother young, the future is at home resting, everything should be more tight with the point of his brother.
  ”You see, Xiaoping himself said so.”Wu Guizhi victorious return, particularly air, shaking continue playing idol, cajole grandson, grandson looked like a smile squint eye, heart indescribably beautiful, and grandchildren, but also to break up the pain for her husband’s death , Once you have grandchildren, she is also regarded as the ancestors did not live up to Kurtis, u广州桑拿网rged the wife to the old Kurtis left, with no regrets.
  ”Xiao-ping, you rely on a little father.”Pei Naochun will come to greet his daughter, he always kept her eye level, no matter Kan Bukan her own:” brother too small, my father is no way to reason with him, he should say did not understand right, brother only knew cry.”
  ”No, not crying brother.”Pei Xiaoping quietly should she be at home looking after younger people the longest.
  ”Well, my brother not to cry, but my father said, he certainly did not understand, right?”
  ”Ok.”That is true, in the past younger brother cried when she talked about his brother and tried to reason, can tell how people are unable to coax.
  Pei Naochun and said: “So we put the Cubs will lend a younger brother, his brother first cry, after my father gave you get it back, or give you a right to buy?If you want to, that my father would let you get back.”
  He is particularly serious, in fact, this is an extremely important step, many adults often feel, as head of the family, things took a take, not to mention to the younger brother, even if what they considered to give an outsider?Besides, no matter what