the child is taken away, after all, not the money to buy it or adult?To buy a big deal, once you have this attitude, it is likely to cause harm to their children, for children, has itself a state, they either side of the doll or something, most placed more or less feelings, even many, their own dolls and things l深圳桑拿网ike that, as a playmate, baby, which will then, by the great harm.

  Regardless daughter has not really put the teddy bear as a baby, and informed request, are very important first step.
  ”It’s okay, Dad.”Pei Xiaoping always speaks very quietly, she smiled, revealing a nice dimple,” to play like a brother, I am a big boy now, do not these.”
  ”We Xiaoping Zhenguai.”Pei Naochun smiled and patted her daughter’s head, made the assurance,” that my father and retractors guarantee you, that time my father to come back to help you, or buy a new one, please?”He held out his hand, very firm.
  ”No, give his brother on the line.”Pei Xiaoping still want to Tuiju, but failed to convince Dad, she obediently held out his hand, fingers handshake with Dad, do together under the promise.
  And a small thumb collision with a smile Pei Naochun opening: “S南宁桑拿tamp.”Look to her daughter’s eyes are gentle light.
  Son is still small, naive is one thing, but adults have been sensible, even though her daughter willing to “share”, this can be shared, is to give love to do that in return, rather than being paid as a matter of course.
  Pei Naochun hesitation that still looked coaxed Peizi Hao’s wife and mother, the hearts of have an idea, hesitate to produce.
  Kurtis Heping Township in the village, as the name suggests, the whole village, there are more than half of people have the surname Pei, according to research, it is also a historical origin, and then I heard there is a Pei’s family, due to the war, collateral descendant moved together so far, in this set up will come home, and they gradually grow and develop, also built temples, wrote a genealogy.
  Spring breeze of reform and openin