g up, by the early nineties, the village has a lot of people, in order to develop the quality of life, to work outside the home, which also affected the number of custom home, what ever convention worship, graves, many of them to move around the Spring Festival, which otherwise have to gather so many people together?

  The original body of the father passed away less than a year, so this year’s Kurtis, flies than in previous years “shabby” some, did not spend too much money, simply furnished, the whole family get together to杭州夜网论坛 eat something, but itself it has three years of stress, have grave years ago, the offerings have to prepare at least a dozen bowls, they have a fairly abundant in the diet.
  Although the government had sent a text to promote cremation, can be living in the mountains of location, turn a deaf ear to the villagers, as I do not know, continue to the next mountain people buried in the tomb of his father’s original body in the same mountain.
  The more go up the hill, the more people will, local customs, are Danian twenty-nine this morning to noon, to eat called tea, straight ahead, then to the tomb of Father Pei, tombstone erected long ago , with a piece of gray stone, carved top number Pei father in genealogical records, in fact, the original body also do not understand, only know the village’s tombstone should write what Peimou深圳桑拿 Gong like the title, behind the inscription, the fall is a person’s name Pei Naochun.
  Only to this, Wu Guizhi has started up crying, her prepare in advance a towel, while wiping ash on the tombstone, while cried out, what say you go so early, leave me alone and discourse , Tangzhao Di then suddenly became a female warrior, one深圳桑拿网 hand holding his son in one hand and clutch her knees, tears, said what a good father at the head of a passing.
  Pei Naochun eyes quickly with tears, the original body for profound influence of his father, still affecting his heart, he crouched in silence, the bowls of dishes, arranged to open.
  The hea