d also said the village cemetery in the mountain, quite a few people up, looked around for a while, will be able to see a lot of familiar memories of the original body figure, each household to the mounta广州桑拿网ins, the main force of mostly women, lords is more dry, flat at the cemetery surrounding soil, or on top of the weeds, things are a lot more women, incense burning white paper, cleaning cloth offerings, some handed down customs, they are basically in the hands of.

  Pei Pei Naochun father’s grave for the family, but the杭州龙凤网 first stop, and then again there before Pei grandfather, grandfather Pei several cemeteries, go clean.
  When they finished busy, back a look back, that no one sweep a few cemeteries, will be particularly conspicuous, on top of weeds grow wild, a knot in the dust, but also a lot longer cobweb-class stuff.
  ”Naochun, what you look at it?”Wu Guizhi Zhaoyan, today frankly wept, she can not help but want to have some exhausted, she looked at the mountains to see his son in a daze, his eyes would follow back, a look at the past, she also noticed the same and son things: “you look at it that several!Poor thing, this is absolutely the account, even a sweep of people can not.”
  If in the past, when she and her husband up the hill to see these, the hearts can not help but have some sad enough, fear of their own death, the scene of the en佛山桑拿counter, too, may now have Peizai Hao, she can pretty condescending to say a few words.
  Pei Naochun did not say anything, his memory emerged many local customs and customs.
  Tangzhao Di also getting in the way she holds her son, although Yaosuanbeiteng can bear it particularly physique: “Yes, really poor.”Her eyes are full of compassion.
  This is by no account, that is to say people who have no children, no daughter, according to local custom, after the death of even erected a monument, can only through close nephew, sibling’s name inscribed tombstone, and after that, no people sweep, which for strict compliance with the custom