Extension of married life skills make you more enjoy ten strokes

"Do not be angry before going to bed," This is a catch-American proverb。
US researchers in a new study found that sleep quality is indeed closely related to the husband and wife。 Arizona State University research staff at a professional conference held recently on reports that, to understand the impact of the marital relationship of sleep quality produce, they are 29 couples without children were followed, the requirements of these couples for seven consecutive days to record their of sleep and whether they are harmonious coexistence in the daytime。
The survey found that if the couple gets up during the day, sleep at night often poor quality of the two sides; the contrary, if the husband and wife sleep well at night, the next day the couple's relationship will be affected。
However, the mutual influence sleep quality and the relationship between husband and wife in a husband and wife who behave slightly different: more husband thinks, poor sleep will affect the next day's marital relationship in the evening; but more wives feel, if the day marital relationship bad night's sleep certainly be affected。 Expert responsible for the study, said Brant Hasler, sleep quality marital relationship and influence each other: the husband and wife relationship will promote good sleep, but sleep will make bad strained marital relations deteriorate further。
Anyway, the couple should try to avoid sleep well the feelings between the two sides hurt。 Bad habits lead to couples with younger age trend of diabetes, both husband and wife have been suffering from diabetes or phenomenon is becoming a new family health problems。 Experts remind that share a common bad habits is "husband and wife with diabetes," the main reason appears, although diabetes is not contagious but should be alert to couples with suffering, suffering from the same family。 In recent years, the phenomenon of couples with diabetes has increased every year, and the couple getting younger and younger patients。
Clinical studies have found that over the past couples with diabetes are quite rare, even though there are also older couples, but in recent years, "the couple diabetes" patients, especially young couples appear increasing trend。 Extension of married life skills lead to "a couple of diabetes," the main reason is the husband and wife share a common bad habits, living in the same environment every day, eat, drink, and other daily activities almost the same way。 In particular, young couples, for the convenience of drawing, poor diet and regular consumption of high-fat, high-calorie foods, such as fast food and eat some fried and refreshments; or stay up late to work overtime because of their work; work pressure caused by emotional imbalance, depression, nervous; at the same time because life fast-paced, busy, so very little movement; nightlife and entertainment increased, leading to overeating, smoking, excessive drinking……These are bad habits, and easy interaction between husband and wife, the couple caused the phenomenon of diabetes。 Experts suggest that, in order to prevent couples and families with diabetes diabetes, people should try to avoid bad habits, look for opportunities to increase physical activity, in terms of a healthy diet to try to balance the diet, excessive intake of staple foods do not, should eat high-protein, high-fiber foods and fruits and vegetables, eat less carbonated drinks, fried foods。
In doing so, both for the party has been suffering from diabetes and stable condition, it will not infect the other form of the same bad habits, prevention and treatment of "husband and wife Diabetes" appears。
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