New Year's Day origins of New Year's Day to eat, drink in moderation

New Year's Day origins。
Tomorrow is New Year's Day, this festival, we are familiar with, but for New Year's origins, but many people do not know。 So, this traditional holiday story and what is the origin of it together with the small series following on New Year's Day to see the origins of it。
The origins of a New Year's Day, New Year's Day on the origin and stories, talking about New Year's Day first originated from。 In 5000 BC, the ancient Egyptians has been changed to nomadic farming, settled on both sides of the Nile, their harvests and the Nile flood if a great relationship, from the ancient Egyptians found long-term observation, time is of the Nile flood regular, every time they put the record on a bamboo pole, apart from that about 365 days wait time between two flood。 It was also found that when the forefront of the early rise of the Nile in Cairo today came near the city, also happens to be the sun and Sirius while rising above the horizon when。 Thus, the ancient Egyptians put this day as the beginning of the year, which is the origin of New Year's Day。
Second, on New Year's Day and the origin of the story, you can not ignore the Chinese New Year of the origin and stories。 In the Chinese origin of the New Year's Day, there is a legend, in ancient Yao and Shun Golden Age of 4,000 years ago when, during the reign of Emperor Yao diligent to the people for the people to do a lot of good, very popular with the majority of people love, but because no child it is unlikely synthesizer, he did not put the emperor's throne passed to his son, but in order to pass the character of both Shun。 Yao Shun to say: you must take the throne next pass befriend until my death can also be safe rest in peace。 Later Shun the throne passed to rule flood meritorious Yu, Yu Shun as First Man also like to do a lot of good for the people, we are very beloved。 New Year's origin was later put Yao's death, the first Emperor Yao and Shun worship heaven and earth that day, as the starting date of the year, the first day is called New Year's Day, or Yuanzheng, this is the origin of the ancient New Year's Day。 Ancient dynasty were held to celebrate the ritual worship pray in the New Year's Day and other activities, such as offering festival ancestors gods, hanging on the door to write Spring Festival couplets, writing the word blessing, dragon dance, folk ritual has gradually formed the Buddha, were ancestors, couplets, firecrackers, stay up, reunion dinner as well as numerous community fire and other festivities。 Jin Dynasty poet Xin Lan had "Yuanzheng" Poetry: Yuan are Kai Ling Jie, Jia Qingzhao since hereby。
Ham played the feast years, small Yue Xi Datong。 New Year's Day to celebrate the scene described。