Hong Kong ranks top ten billionaires Forbes: richest man Li Ka-shing reelection

  Source: According to the Grand Duchy of Grand Duke news network reported that the number of Hong Kong tycoons to be the first, non-none other than the long and the Department Chairman Li Ka-shing!The latest issue of "Forbes" rich list released in Hong Kong, Li Ka-shing for $ 31.3 billion (HK $ 244.1 billion) net assets, for 18 consecutive years ranked top, followed far outstripped chairman Lee Shau Kee of Henderson Land and New World Group founder Cheng Yu-tung。 Production of household appliances started Goldin Properties, Goldin Financial primary Xipan Su Tong, the stock surged to benefit both companies, to stimulate net worth doubled times, successfully broke into the Hong Kong listed the top ten rich list, with a net worth of $ 12.2 billion ranked No. 6。
  We entered 2016 just after the sharp fluctuations week the Mainland and Hong Kong stock market, so many rich net worth evaporate。
"Forbes" recently released in the past year, Hong Kong's 50 richest championship, the first four rankings unchanged normal to look at property prices in Hong Kong, 87-year-old Li Ka-shing session, the global economic slowdown, which sit net assets owned by US $ 33.5 billion a year ago, fell by about percent to $ 31.3 billion, still the largest in Hong Kong tycoons。   The stock market, Li Ka-shing within the Department of reorganization the company last year, and will be incorporated into the long and yellow, the big winner, last year long and tired stock price rose 39%, and it gets to his net worth rise。   Lau net worth soared three percent immediately after the second place, still is Lee Shau Kee, net assets of $ 23.9 billion, its net worth "shrink" about% over a year。
  The third also continue to Cheng Yu-tung, but he has net assets of $ 15 billion to maintain the level of。 Also ranked fourth in the real estate sector, Sun Hung Kai Properties of Raymond and Thomas Kwok brothers, has net assets of US $ 14.9 billion, a slight increase of nearly%。   He holds a one-third stake in Chinese Estates Lau, last year in the international auction for the highest price bid Juzuan, which bid for a blue diamond card, as the world has always been the most expensive gem auction。 Total assets and other works of art, Lau net worth of about $ 14.8 billion, an increase of% compared with a year ago, in Hong Kong rich list jumped one place to five。   Pan Su Tong jumped ranked sixth in the latest "Forbes" rich list in Hong Kong, the number of new entrants to the rich Goldin main Xipan Su Tong, he was loose at the group's founder, has the early years through the acquisition of two listed companies, real estate and development Financial services。 Pan Su Tong's build the Tianjin Goldin Building 117, its structural height Damien, after Dubai's Burj Khalifa, the world's second highest structure in the construction of China's first skyscraper height。 Statistics show that Pan Su Tong sitting on net assets of $ 12.2 billion, a full doubling over the past year, also increased from the first 11 jumps to No. 6 in the rankings rich list。   In addition, Alibaba success in the United States in September 2014, created a number of millionaires overnight, but over the past year, Alibaba share price continued to plug water, but fell below the listing price, so shareholders impairment stakeholders。 Among them, Alibaba Group Vice Chairman Cai Chongxin more dropped out of the top ten rich list, evaporated% of its net assets to $ 5.5 billion from a year ago ranked No. 9 fell to 12。
  Lawrence Ho, as the youngest billionaires in the top 50 Hong Kong's richest people, "Kings" Stanley Ho's son, Melco chairman Lawrence Ho to age 38 years old became the youngest billionaires, but its net worth has shrunk% to billion US dollars, ranking Yijiao last year fell 10-41。 Followed by 49-year-old PCCW chairman Richard Li, times their net worth surge to $ 4.7 billion, ranking rose 19-15。
Another 13 who has attained the age of 80 rich list were, among them "hotel king," said the now 97-year-old Chen Zefu to billion dollars net worth, ranked No. 45, became the oldest billionaires。   The youngest rich list ranking the third place, the now 50-year-old Man Wah Holdings Chairman Wong Man Li, its net worth to billion dollars, ranked No. 38。 Fourth and five were Alibaba Group Vice Chairman Cai Chongxin and Goldin main Xipan Su Tong, the former 51-year-old, who is 52 years old。   The oldest richest aspects, is ranked second in the Hong Kong "textile tycoon," said the now 92-year-old Tang Hsiang Chien, his chart No. 47 at the Regal Hong Kong; the oldest Rich List ranked third in the Chairman of the Group of the trip, now 91-year-old Fong Yun Wah, which is ranked billion dollars net worth of Hong Kong rich list 29。   In addition, Cheng Yu-tung, Lee Shau-kee, Li Ka-shing and Lui Che Woo was on the list, Cheng Yu-tung and Che-woo Lui, respectively 90 and 86 years old, the oldest Rich List ranked fourth and eight。 As for the places Li Ka-shing and Lee Shau Kee 87 years old, tied for fifth oldest Rich List。
  Nan Fung Chen Huihui station richest woman in the top 50 in 2016 Forbes list of the richest latest big Hong Kong, there are five women rich list。 Net worth of up to Nan Fung Group Chairman Chen Huihui, to $ 5.1 billion ranked No. 14; followed by Zhu Li Yuehua Kingston Financial Chief Executive Officer, substantial growth times its net worth to $ 4.1 billion, ranking from 39 last year also was promoted to 16th。
As co-chairman of MGM China net worth Pansy Ho is significantly reduced by 28% to $ 3.6 billion, ranking fell 7-19。
  Chen Huihui is the founder of DH Chen Nan Fung Group, the second daughter, officially took over in mid-2009, chairman and managing director。 The 56-year-old Chen Huihui, compared with last year behind its latest ranking one, but have a net worth of more than 10% annual growth, ranking first in Hong Kong rich women。
  Brokerage stocks performed well last year, of which a substantial increase over two times the Kingston Financial shares, pushing Zhu Li Yuehua net worth surged times over and Pansy Ho, SJM Executive Director Angela Leong, Hong Kong ranked second richest women this year。   In addition, the recession dragged down by the Macau gaming industry, Pansy Ho and Angela Leong net worth has shrunk by 28% and% respectively, the former ranking from No. 12 last year dropped to No. 19, the latter ranking from 36th last year, fell 44 , respectively ranked third and fifth in the women Regal Hongkong。   As ranked fourth richest woman of Bo, Cui Lijie Pacific major shareholder, for $ 1.9 billion net worth for the first time into the top 50 richest list in Hong Kong, ranked 35。   Gambling giant net worth has shrunk Macau gaming revenue continued to fall, the Galaxy Chairman Lui Che Woo wealth fell 40% to $ 8.0 billion, ranking dropped to seventh place also increased from fifth place。
Similarly, co-chairman of MGM China Pansy Ho, Melco chairman Lawrence Ho, SJM Executive Director Angela Leong and wealth, also are shrunk into a four to two to eight, were ranked 19, 41 and 44。
  Mainland affected by the economic slowdown and strengthen anti-corruption efforts and other factors, the Macau gaming industry continued to be eclipsed, gaming revenue has recorded a continuous decline in 19 months last year, gaming stocks were recorded ranging from 37-60% decline, so that the relevant industry tycoons worth plummeted。   Recall that when the booming gaming industry in Macau, the gambling tycoon to become the big winner in 2014 Forbes Hong Kong Rich List, and then there are five seats and gambling-related, although this time there are four on the list, but net worth has shrunk。
Among Lui Che Woo With $ 21 billion in net worth among the number two position in 2014, net worth fell about 62% between the two years, this year ranked only seventh place。   In addition to the "three too" Chen Wanzhen, "Kings" Stanley Ho family is still overwhelmed by the list of three。
Among them, No. 19 is his daughter Pansy, her net worth yearly reduction of 28% to $ 3.6 billion, down 47% compared with 2014, ranking fell further to 19。
Pansy Ho in 2014 and mid-2015 Forbes list of 50 richest Hong Kong were ranked No. 9 and 12。   In addition, after his son Lawrence Ho in 2014 for the first time joined the list of 12, his net worth from $ 3.4 billion a year, two years has shrunk to half billion US dollars, ranking also fell to 41。
As for the "four too," Angela Leong, whose net worth fell 47 percent Yijiao two years ago to $ 1.5 billion, ranking from 19 in 2014 fell to 44。   Last year, Macau's gaming revenue fell year-%, falling for the second consecutive year。 With the mainland vigorously to tighten policy, reduce customer visit to Australia, a number of big firms reduced gaming revenue expected this year, the year is expected to fall 5%。 Citigroup issued a research report refers to, gaming revenue has fallen low, I believe that this month will be the last month recorded a decline of more than 20%。
The bank expected in the first half fell 12% gaming revenue tired, the second half of the net growth in reply, materials rose 4%, while optimistic about the new casino gaming stocks, preferred Melco Crown and Wynn。   Hong Kong's richest man Li Ka-shing won the silver Pan Su Tong due to the high share price rose among richest According to the Globe and Mail reported, "Forbes" has just released the latest rankings in mid-2015 Hong Kong tycoons, the length and the Department Chairman Li Ka-shing for $ 31.3 billion (counting only be accounted for the market value of listed companies), 18 consecutive years of Hong Kong's richest man sit tight throne。
Henderson Land chairman Lee Shau Kee ranked second line, a net worth of $ 23.9 billion; founder Cheng Yu-tung of New World Group is ranked third, a net worth of $ 15 billion; Sun Hung Kai Properties Chairman Raymond Kwok ranked fourth, net worth of $ 14.9 billion; the largest shareholder of Chinese Estates Lau row fifth, the net worth of $ 14.8 billion。   "Sing Tao Daily" reported that this year, Hong Kong stocks start to defeat the entire circumference of the Hang Seng Index fell nearly 7%, which is also rich net worth fell。 However, the "Forbes" rich list in Hong Kong only counted the market value of the shares last year's December 31 closing, this year's ranking in the end will have to end before we know how to change。   Li Ka-shing within the Department of restructuring the company last year, and will be incorporated into the long and yellow, the big winner, last year long and tired stock price rose 39%, and it gets to his net worth rise。 Lee Shau Kee of Henderson Land Department to disclose a lot of reconstruction projects last year, and his personal holdings thick Henderson Land shares, which is also a corresponding rise in net worth。
  Cheng Yu-tung assets in the last year, several times reformed system, the personal name of shares to Chow Tai Fook Family Foundation, among the top ten billionaires, only the king CLP chairman Michael Kadoorie small electric expatriates, but he has been developing in Hong Kong last year green electricity complete holdings of shares, power share price rose steadily, net worth of 60 billion US dollars。   By stock price has increased while among the richest of high finance and high silver silver landowners Xipan Su Tong, wealth soared last year doubled to $ 12.2 billion, ranking the 6th Hong Kong rich list。
One of last year, when financial stocks Wang, Zhu Li Yuehua Kingston Financial Chief Executive Officer times net worth soared to $ 4.1 billion, ranking sixteenth place, also five list of richest women。
  Macau gambling revenue last year, down repeated, bet on falling stock market values are listed, also dragged down the Macau gambling licenses held by the richest net worth has shrunk, fell below $ 10 billion net worth had soared in GEG Chairman Lui Che Woo end of last year, at the end of a large fortune by 40% to $ 8.0 billion from last year fell to No. 5 No. 7。 MGM China Co-Chairman Pansy net worth fell 28 percent to $ 3.6 billion, ranking compared to 19。
Melco chairman Lawrence Ho net worth fell 21 percent, to $ billion and was ranked No. 41。 SJM Directors Leong net worth fell 14% to just $ 1.5 billion, ranking 44。   Emperor Group major shareholder Albert Yeung last year ranked 46, compared with a net worth of billion dollars。
Last year, oil prices and commodity prices fell, hurt engaged in commodity Chairman Elman, Noble Group dropped out of reprimand rich list, go to the end of his net worth about $ 500 million。
Editor: Wang Yue。