Not treated by the notary?Employees v. American former employers' nationality discrimination "

  BEIJING, March 20 – According to the US China Press news report, foreign IT professionals to apply to many US H-1B visas Cognizant Company (CognizantTechnologySolutionsCorp.) Said that there is no discrimination based on the company's civil action against foreign employees。   It was reported earlier, three Cognizant's former employees said he was forced to leave the company because of Cognizant use them to replace staff from South Asia, South Asia, although those staff in their ability under。 This three old employee said the company's Indian boss and colleagues for their very friendly, they give not a fair evaluation, and refused to give them a promotion。
  The company said Cognizant, said complaints are not protected by United States federal civil law。 Cognizant company documents presented to the court, wrote in mid-1964 by the US Civil Rights Act prohibits discrimination based on race, but the plaintiff sued the surface, apparently based on country of origin rather than racial discrimination。   The document also wrote, it is clear from the complaints against the visa holder, but it has nothing to do with the ethnic identity of alleged visa。
  The lawsuit is part of the strong resistance of whites IT staff for the proposed project visa。 This was against the visa program allows US companies have no choice but to bring in foreign workers by。
  US District Court Judge Zhumei Yu (DollyGee) 15th of this month, said she would make a ruling in accordance with the requirements of the company Cognizant, rejected these requests, and will not hold a hearing。