Herb can treat any disease of the effectiveness of the herb

Can treat any disease herb is a plant that is also a very good, it can treat a wide variety, can also be used as medicine, the herb can treat any disease and small series together to look at the introduction of the herb can treat what disease it!Herb can treat any disease spleen, dampness, stagnation, the provision of foul。 Treatment spleen dampness, lying addicted fatigue, abdominal swelling, bloating, loss of appetite, vomiting, diarrhea, dysentery, malaria, phlegm, edema, when gas, wind musculoskeletal, foot atrophy, night blindness。
The effect is not so much to let you see the efficacy data dazzled fact, these are the ancient doctors who left, they did not have high-tech means, through a large number of experiments and are constantly improved formulation in order to get the role of herbs, can be said to be very easy。 Here put these also share to you。 ① Hongjing: In addition to foul smells。 ② LIU Wan Su: eyesight, warm water dirty。 ③ "pearl sac": An spleen can stomach, all this can not be removed wet non-swollen。 ④ Li Gao: dehumidification sweating, stomach and spleen security, to the drug treatment atrophy。 ⑤ Zhu Zhenheng: scattered wind Qi, Yu total solutions of various。
Herb can treat any disease ⑥ "outline": governance remain wet phlegm drink, or bleeding into the nest relying sac, spleen wet and dirty, turbid Lek vaginal discharge, diarrhea intestinal wind slip。
⑦ "Jade Catalpa drug solution": dry soil and water, vent drink Phlegm, stasis, Gloomy, go missing, ringworm, in addition to disease, physical Tunsuan to rot, the provision of mountains quotidian, back bones and muscles atrophy soft, clear urinate drowning of turbidity。 ⑧ "Materia Medica original": diarrhea supper vent sealing, summer diarrhea improper diet, lower blood spleen wet。
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