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  Beijing on March 3, NBA Development League Vipers and start competing today in Austin, San Antonio, Chinese player Zhou Qi played 29 minutes, 5 from 3-pointers in which 1 vote 1 get 7 points, plus 6 rebounds and 2 blocks a steal。
Vipers at the last moment did not get the chance, and ultimately to 112 than the 123 lost to rivals。
  Iowa last game against the Minnesota game, Zhou Qi got 8 points, eight rebounds and five blocked shots, showing great threat to the rule of force in defense of the basket。   The campaign clash with Spurs, Zhou Qi starting lineup today, Zhou Qi will start to contribute to the defensive end。
Spurs pick and roll once you are finished, at the center along the ball, Zhou Qi beat each other's layup fan-out。   Zhou Qi has a basket dominant, then began to exercise power on the offensive end, the first section of 7 minutes 03 seconds, Morris outside third blacksmith, Zhou Qi leap rebounds ranging from landing will complete hands tipped storm buckle。   Zhou Qi is the presence of effective play, so has maintained a leading Vipers。 However, when his fate into the rotation moment, the Spurs break through and attack the basket will become unbridled, the Vipers break defense。   Then coach tight busy to adjust the second quarter after re-play, Zhou Qi and his teammates chemistry gradually unfolded。 10 minutes 14 seconds, the ball Markle labeled roll with circumferential Qi, received a teammate lob pass along the latter, complete Chibing。 Although not in the Rockets camp, but snakes team can get this opportunity to eat the bread, or the future of Zhou Qi into the NBA team to adapt to the rhythm, he has a great help。   The second half began, Zhou Qi in 10 minutes and 42 seconds on the right side of forty-five degrees shot soared one-third, the ball across a rainbow arc, falling net nest。
Zhou Qi scored after the ball, help snakes will lead expanded to double digits。   Although the Vipers did not win today, but Zhou Qi's remarkable performance on both ends。 Although data is not rosy, but very efficient, internal and external integration, deterrent or defensive end so that people look forward to his next performance, but Zhou Qi shots of the game only five times, which obviously should not be a desire to return to the Rockets roster should attack the human motivation, how to control for the right to attack, Zhou Qi also need to do some homework。   (Shen Wei)。