5G end of 2018 China will be basically industrial chain of pre-commercial level

Data for: high-speed rail super high-speed wireless communication (EUHT) technology for presentation on the Beijing-Tianjin intercity high-speed rail train。
Reporter Hou Yushe Beijing January 16 (Reporter Liu Yuying) Chinese IMT-2020 (5G) advance group of 16 held 5G technology research and development Phase III trial norms conference in Beijing。
Reporters learned from the meeting, is expected by the end of 2018, China 5G major industrial chain link will basically reach the level of pre-commercial。
  2018 China has started the third phase of 5G technology research and development test。 China Industry and Information Technology Ministry of Information and Communication Development Secretary, Press Gallery at the press conference, 5G technology research and development Phase III trial will be a key step before 5G commercialized, the third phase of standardized tests 5G technology is particularly important to develop and publish。
  5G through Phase III trials testing technology research and development, is expected by the end of 2018 5G major part of the industry chain has basically reached the level of pre-commercial, 5G promote better and faster development, and lay the foundation for 5G-scale test and commercial。
  Wen Ku, suggestions, be closely linked to the international standards process, accelerating the pre-commercial R & D facilities; play polymerization 5G technology research and development test platform, accelerate the construction of a complete industrial chain; the promotion of business application development, open 5G Application Contest。
  China Mobile Research Institute Huang Yuhong expressed, 5G technology research and Phase III trials of China Mobile will be held in five cities, the construction scale of 500 base stations, and 26 categories of test scenarios。 Business demonstrate the same period will be in 12 cities, will reach the scale of 500 base stations。
The second quarter of 2019 is expected to launch commercial for the chain of chip terminals, three quarters of the year will carry out pre-commercial 5G。
  Network construction of China Unicom vice president Ma Hongbing introduced, China Unicom, the Ministry of Industry has submitted a trial application seven cities, has completed the construction field in Shanghai and Shenzhen, has been completed Huawei, ZTE, Nokia's part 5G prototype laboratory validation and field performance verification。
  Deputy General Manager of Telecommunications Technology China Shen Shao-Ai said that China Telecom will continue to support the Phase III trial 5G technology research and development system to work together to promote commercial 5G。
China Telecom has said it will conduct pre-commercial 5G 2019。