Children will bring tic disorder how to do what harm it had tic disorders?

Tic disorder is onset in childhood, neurological and psychiatric disorders to twitch as the main clinical manifestations。The exact etiology and pathogenesis mechanism is not clear, generally it refers to genetic, biological, psychological and environmental factors, central neurotransmitter imbalance, excessive striatal dopamine activity or postsynaptic dopamine receptor hypersensitivity to its the key aspects of the pathogenesis。So children with tic disorders which harm it will bring the daily experience of how to care for tic disorders cause less harm to a large, malformations: a long-term tic tic make children part of the muscle deformity or rigid; severe cases may even affect the normal development of bones。
Second, the psychological problems: frequent episodes of tics often classmates, friends, etc. laugh, children prone to low self-esteem, affect children's mental health over time, resulting in more heart disorders。
Third, learning difficulties: Can cause distraction occurs while twitching, tics can cause serious attention to serious inability to concentrate, poor academic performance, and ultimately it will affect the intellectual development。Fourth, conduct disorder: adolescence is an important period in addition to the child's physical development, but also self-awareness form an important period of development, severe repetitive tics affect children the proper conduct of development。Which will lead to some children develop into conduct disorder。Had tic disorder how to do it is currently the main treatment methods are drug therapy and non-drug treatment, non-pharmacological treatment includes: (1) psychological and behavioral therapy, (2) dietary modification and environmental treatment, (3) the regulation of nerve treatment。For refractory tic disorders in recent years, as well as transcranial magnetic stimulation, biofeedback therapy such as neural regulation。But in addition to the above treatment, we must be stressed that, tic disorder to emphasize early treatment, not treated early, may be more serious。
As the course of disease aggravated aggravated lengthened, the child's symptoms comorbidity will be increasingly difficult to treat and correct, continues to be an adult, it should be as soon as possible to a regular hospital to find a pediatrician for treatment, treatment sooner, faster recovery。But also pointed out that children with tic disorder often have to pay attention to scientific and rational according to, eat chocolate, coffee, cola and other food containing excitatory substances in the diet, intake of fresh vegetables, fresh fruits, nuts, soy, fish like other high-quality protein and rich in vitamins and trace elements in food。
Of life, parents need to strictly control the use of electronic products, in clinical practice, I found that many children avoid contact with tic symptoms mobile games, computers, television has been significantly improved。
At the same time let the child more outdoor physical activity, avoid predisposing factors for children to learn too much pressure to reduce。