Your temper is getting worse?Wary of early heart disease!(1)

  Many people in a certain age, bad temper will be up all day eccentric, impatient anxiety, experiencing things ring true, he shouted, let the family know what to do。In general, the fifties and sixties, people may temper deterioration associated with menopause, but does not rule out early can also cause deterioration of temper。  Irritable, is an early sign of shortness of breath, chest tightness, sweating and other abnormal phenomenon is more common in patients with early symptoms, some people will have a worse temper, listlessness, loss of appetite and other circumstances exist。
Why do patients go bad temper?In fact, this mainly related to the central nervous system dysfunction, the sympathetic nervous excitement, and if not taken seriously deteriorated temper and let the disease continues to develop, it will aggravate the symptoms of irritable, so that patients with frequent upset, palpitation, dizziness, headaches and other problems。
  Irritable, so that sicker patients will bring about changes in the patient's mood, on the contrary, if heart patients regularly irritability, anxiety, irritability, etc., but not well emotion regulation, it will be worse。
This is mainly because when patients have irritable mood, sympathetic nerve can cause rapid heart beat, blood pressure, etc., leading to increased myocardial oxygen consumption, damage to heart health, in serious cases, more than a cold sweat, palpitations, chest pain, arrhythmia symptom。
  Fifties and sixties who are high risk in the elderly occur in the fifties and sixties, headed in the elderly temper suddenly become strange, violent and often irritability, it is recommended not to be ignored, but should encourage them to see a doctor timely treatment, consult a doctor immediately, or wait until the disease got worse trouble re-treatment。
And in life, the best training for the elderly a few hobbies, such as painting, flower arranging, playing chess, tai chi, parenting, reading, dancing, etc., in order to divert their attention hobby by these interests, cultivate their temperament, to reduce their opportunity temper。