Winter diet tips, not covered up mistakes (1)

  Coming soon, today net for the night we compiled some tips diet winter collection for future use。
  1: Winter appropriate to eat cold dishes conducive to weight loss。"Force" the body's own heating, consume some fat。  2: should be more intake of more methionine-containing foods, such as sesame, sunflower seeds, yeast, dairy products, leafy vegetables。
  3: Some do not often drink hot beverages。
The beverage temperature is too high can cause extensive damage to the skin and mucous membranes, proteins begin to denature at 43 degrees Celsius, mucus in the gastrointestinal tract to reach 60 degrees Celsius will produce irreversible degradation, so do not drink hot drinks。  4: mushrooms delicious and has a role in prevention and treatment of influenza, eat to prevent hardening of the arteries。  5: Care should be appropriate to eat "cold", often drink cold boiled water effectiveness of the prevention of colds。
Usually to the water, in order to maintain the balance of water metabolism, prevent skin dryness。  6: cold and lack of dietary inorganic salt related, should be more intake containing the roots of vegetables such as potato, lotus root, green onions, potatoes, etc.。
  7: Eat more vegetables, fruits, to supplement the body of vitamins and minerals, and the body of excess acid metabolites play a clear fire detoxification effect lungs; eat beans and other high-protein plant foods, eat less greasy spicy food, should not eat barbecue。
  8: eat radish, can cough phlegm, detoxification。  Tips: Profile for traditional medicine, pathogenic cold easily hurt yang, Yi Shi warm food。The kidney is the essence of the human body, is the source of human life activities, it Zi five internal organs yin, yang hair of five internal organs。
So when winter nursed back to health food intake to kidney yang, solid element of this training, physical fitness primary principle。