Celery umbelliferae.

There are two kinds of cress and dry celery, which have similar functions.

Dry celery has a stronger aroma, also known as “fragrant celery”, also known as “medicine celery”.

  It is sweet, cool and non-toxic.

  Ketone compounds (flavonoids), volatile oils, mannitol, cyclohexanitol, vitamins, and niacin.

  Pharmacology 1.

Lower blood pressure, sedation, analgesia.


Stomach strengthening, diuretic, blood purification, menstruation.

  The function is suitable for hypertension, neuropsychiatric excitement, headache, and bloating.

Women’s irregular menstruation, hot and unpleasant urination, red vaginal discharge.

  [高血压,头痛脑胀,颜面潮红,精神易兴奋者]  鲜芹菜250克,洗净,以沸开水烫约2分钟,切细捣绞汁,每次服1小杯,一日2次。It can lower blood pressure and eliminate the symptoms.

If there is no fresh rice, you can use dried vegetables 30-60 grams, decoction (fresh vegetables are boiled with boiling water to dry, it will be dried vegetables, can be stored for future use).

  [妇女月经不调,崩中带下,或小便出血]  鲜芹菜30克,茜草6克,六月雪12克,水煎服。