The secret of actress sunscreen whitening Yang Mi chooses sunscreen according to skin quality


The secret of actress sunscreen whitening Yang Mi chooses sunscreen according to skin quality

How is sun protection most effective in summer?

Summer has arrived, hot weather, big sun, then how to prevent sunscreen has become a topic we care about now, so how to get sunscreen in such a hot summer?

Our Xiaobian also specially introduced some star sunscreen methods for friends. Let’s take a look at how the stars are sunscreen.

銆€銆€Liu Wen teaches the road: the limbs are the first sunscreen details. China’s supermodel brilliance Liu Wen often has to take pictures in outdoor swimsuits. The most exposed in the summer is the excess and the legs. The anti-drying needs and facial parts of these parts are different.Unlike patchy spots or spots on the face, or overall darkening, there are also redness and peeling.

So for her, sunscreen products are essential.

According to her own, she will pay special attention to the sunscreen products with a sun protection index of more than 30 for the limbs, and use a thin and light sunscreen product, because if the exterior is using a sticky and sultry sunscreen product, it is like the whole person is sealed in the fresh-keeping.Like the membrane, it is very uncomfortable.

銆€銆€Tip 1.

When playing outdoors, the skin is often exposed to the sun, and it is necessary to replace the sunscreen with an SPF value of 30 or higher;

It is best to choose waterproof sunscreen skin care products when swimming, but it is better to use it in addition to swimming, because these products are mostly oily type, which has an oily and greasy feeling on the skin, which makes the skin breathe poorly.

銆€銆€Yang Mi Jiao Lu: According to the skin quality to choose to replace An Yixuan as a new generation of Hengdian little princess Yang Mi has more than 2 / 3 of the time out of the scene, then open her beauty cabinet, 90% are sunscreen beauty products.

However, regardless of the severe and fierce day, Yang Mi’s skin is still watery and watery, white and pink.

Therefore, Yang Mi proudly introduced: Want to keep the skin white and tender, the ultimate is to resist ultraviolet rays, and the purchase of sunscreen should be selected from the skin.

For example, women with oily skin should avoid high-fat ingredients such as vaseline, mineral oil, etc., otherwise acne will run out to get in touch with you!

For dry skin, moisturizing is the most important, and sunscreen containing vitamin B5 is the first choice.

If it is sensitive skin, it is best to choose a product with a trial, and then re-purchase it for two days. If the product is marked with anti-allergy test, it is of course the best!

銆€銆€Tip 1.

Sunshine SPF20 coefficient, can block UV rays, avoid dark spots caused by sun exposure, 2.

It is recommended to do an accurate skin test before purchasing sunscreen.

For oily skin, water-based sunscreen products should be selected for penetration; for dry skin, cream-like sunscreen products should be selected; neutral skin is generally not strictly regulated, and emulsion-like sunscreen is suitable for various skin types.

銆€銆€Liu Shishi teaches the road: daytime and nighttime sun protection, both the recent hot-selling step-by-step surprises can make Liu Shishi once again active in front of the people. There are many night scenes in a step-by-step drama. Liu Shishi said: Don’t think there is no ultraviolet light at night, in fact, at night.In the bar in the scene, the high-powered spotlights in the hotel will irritate your skin unconsciously.

In addition, the UV skin taken by the film is easy to become dry and thick, and then yellowing. When choosing sunscreen, choose a product with a slightly higher sunscreen index and pay attention to the moisturizing appeal.

銆€銆€Tip 1.

Buy a bottle of atomized spray that sprays in full length every two hours to calm and moisturize the skin.


For the normal breathing of the skin during sleep, reduce the burden on the skin after sunburn, please replace the oil-free or low-oil type (the first choice of aloe vera gel and seaweed extract) for your after-sun repair cream.


For skin that has been exposed to the sun for a long time, it is not enough to use the sunscreen once. It is recommended to clean the face once in the afternoon and after the sun goes down.

銆€銆€The use of sunscreen Many people think that the use of sunscreen does not have any effect, this is mainly due to improper use of the sunscreen, the correct use of sunscreen should pay attention to the following points: 1, according to the location of the choice of sunscreen with different SPF values.

You can choose to use sunscreen to prevent UVB (tanning sunburn skin) function, but also to prevent long-wave UVA (to make skin aging long wrinkles).

銆€銆€Increased sun protection, the burden on the skin, the more likely to cause skin irritation.

So selective sunscreen, not the sun protection factor can be better.

And it is best to wash the sunscreen in time after returning home.

銆€銆€Daily use of SPF value between 10-15, SP + sunscreen, shopping for any SPF value between 15-20, SP ++ sunscreen, travel optional SPF value in 20-30Between SP +++ sunscreen, swimming, sunbathing, sunscreen (waterproof type) with SPF value above 30, and 2-3 hours of supplementation, 80 minutes for underwater activities.once.

銆€銆€2, UV damage to the skin even in the winter, indoors, will exist on cloudy days.

On cloudy days or under the shade of trees, the UV intensity will only decrease by about 30%.

Therefore, the use of sunscreen should be adhered to the four seasons, and the wind and rain will not stop.

銆€銆€3, sunscreen takes a certain time to be absorbed and function, so it should be applied 20-30 minutes before going out.

銆€銆€4, SPF value can not be added, and can not be used before makeup, when you apply sunscreen, you need to remove makeup before applying.銆€銆€5, the use of sunscreen to achieve a certain thickness has an effect.
Too thin to achieve the desired effect, too thick will cause a burden on the skin.
Generally, the amount of application is 2 mg per square centimeter, and one pair of arms should be applied 2-2.
5 grams, the face should be applied 1-1.
5 grams.
銆€銆€Sun damage is cumulative.
Most of the melanin in adults is caused by exposure to childhood.
Whitening anti-plaque sunscreen should start from children, never too early.
6 months old babies can’t take a beach bath. Before 7 years old, children should wear T-shirts and apply children’s sunscreen. Before 18 years old, it is the key to sun protection.
銆€銆€What brand of sunscreen is easy to use “Sunscreen generally does not leave the body, each time will be coated with a layer of isolation, and then apply a layer of sunscreen to enhance the sunscreen effect.
There will be a lot of radiation in the room with more appliances, I will use the cream to protect the skin.
I usually carry a sunscreen spray when I am outside for a long time.
The use of sunscreens is also based on climate adjustments. Going to different places to film, depending on the local climate, choose the right sunscreen products, such as relatively dry places, I will use a moist product.
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Zhang Zikai: Advocating plant sunscreen, plant sunscreen is safer “Because of the skin texture, my skin is easily tanned.”
Although the color of wheat makes people look healthy, as an actor and model, the fairness of skin color is still very important.
Therefore, although the tide of tanning is rising, I have never thought about it. On the contrary, I will pay special attention to the care of sunscreen and whitening.
I have always insisted on sun protection all year round. In winter, I will choose sunscreen with 30 times SPF index, and in summer I will increase the sun protection index to 50.
“I will apply a layer of sunscreen after applying the cream, which will not only make the sunscreen better but also protect the skin.”
In terms of product composition, I think that plant sunscreen is safer, and it is not easy to cause skin sensitivity even if it is repeatedly rubbed.