Winter health needs a reasonable mix of nutrition


Winter health needs a reasonable mix of nutrition

Winter tonic is a conservative tradition of achieving disease prevention and strengthening for thousands of millennia.

Winter tonic can integrate the energy of nutrient conversion into the body and nourish the five internal organs.

Chinese medicine believes that the winter corresponds to the “kidney” of the human body, and the sweet, sour, bitter, spicy, salty and five flavors of the salty kidney, the salty taste has the effect of replenishing yin and blood.

The weather is cold, and human physiological activities require more heat to maintain.

Generally speaking, middle-aged people mainly rely on spleen and stomach, and the elderly mainly rely on kidney and qi.

But specific to the individual, there are qi deficiency, yin deficiency, yang deficiency, blood deficiency and qi and blood yin and yang and other virtual conditions.

Avoid too greasy and thick.

For the spleen and stomach dyspepsia, the key is to restore the function of the spleen and stomach.

The spleen and stomach have good digestive function, and the ingredients for nutrient absorption are guaranteed.

Otherwise, it is also a supplement.

Therefore, winter tonic should be based on easy digestion and absorption.

Avoid simple tonic.

Winter tonic is an investment in health.

However, tonic also has a certain amount of knowledge.

Be careful not to avoid taboos.

Winter supplements are only an important aspect of health care.
However, simply relying on tonic can not achieve the ideal state, but also must have appropriate physical exercise and mental work, and pay attention to conditioning the diet, in order to benefit health.

You can’t think that you can make up for it. Don’t immerse yourself in the scam of the make up, don’t exercise!

This taboo is partial.

Chinese medicine believes that “qi is the handsome of blood, blood is the mother of Qi.”

Winter tonic should not be blindly compensated, but should pay attention to both qi and yin and yang, to prevent over-bias and cause other diseases.

Avoid expensive.

A reasonable diet is the most important thing.