6 fitness exercises to build your body

6 fitness exercises to build your body

Skating can make your leg muscles stronger and more elastic.

Bicycles can exercise your leg joints and thigh muscles.

Jogging and walking are good for weight loss.

Golf is a sport that benefits both physiology and golf.

Horse riding can exercise your whole body muscles.

Volleyball makes your collaboration more powerful!

  Sports plan one: roller skating rinks of various sizes, the real ice rink has also opened a lot of homes, have you been there?

In summer, you can go roller skating, and in winter, it is a good time for skating. Skating is very helpful for the training of coordination ability.

  For the crowd: There is no age limit, but it is recommended that you learn as soon as possible, if you do not currently have it.

  Sports equipment: sportswear (if you are new, don’t wear skirts), skates.

  Exercise effect: It helps to exercise the coordination ability of the body. Physically, it can make your leg muscles stronger and more elastic.

At the same time, skating is a large amount of exercise, it will increase your lung capacity.

  Aunt burn value: 420 calories / hour.

  Sports evaluation: such a rehabilitation exercise, take action quickly!

  Exercise Option 2: Bicycle This is an exercise we are not familiar with. It effectively integrates fitness with our daily lives. With it, it will not take up our extra time.

  Suitable for the crowd: anyone, unless you are an ordinary person or an athlete, and regardless of your age.

  Sports equipment: baseball bike, if you are not an athlete, such as ordinary bicycles.

  Sports costs: You don’t need any extra costs other than normal bicycle maintenance.

  Exercise effect: This is the most easily absorbed exercise method, it can exercise your leg joints and thigh muscles, and it is also effective for the exercise of the foot and joint joints.

It also helps your blood circulation system.

  Aunt burn value: 240 calories / hour.

  Sports evaluation: The sports that are most conducive to adherence are the closest to nature and the most economical.

  Exercise plan three: Jogging / walking. No sport is more popular than jogging and walking. It doesn’t require much investment, but it can have great benefits. Americans even created a new word called “WOGGING”.Combining the words jogging and walking, which means to combine jogging and walking to reflect the inseparability of sports.

  For the crowd: suitable for all people, if you love sports or love to lose weight, it is best to choose running; if you do not have time, it is recommended that you put your morning exercise on the way to work, it is best to walk without taking a car.

  Sports equipment: sportswear and running shoes.

  Sports cost: None; if you are not very picky, the asphalt road can be your sports ground.

  Exercise effect: It has great benefits to the heart and blood circulation system. Maintaining a certain amount of exercise every day (more than 30 minutes) will be beneficial to weight loss. The best way is to run and combine.

  Aunt burn value: jogging: 420 calories / hour; walking: 240 calories / hour.

  Sports evaluation: low investment, high yield, but expensive.

  Sports plan four: Golf Golf has always been regarded as a gentleman’s sport. In fact, it is also suitable for women. The beautiful court environment and moderate amount of exercise allow you to exercise.

  For the crowd: Anyone from 8 to 80 years old can, but it is easier to ignore patience and flexible people, but it can also make you into a patient and flexible person.

  Sports equipment: clothing suitable for sports, golf shoes and gloves, a bat.

  Sports effect: This exercise is closely combined with walking. In an 18-hole course, you can walk 6-8 kilometers; the swing action helps your body to compress; as much as possible, beautifulThe stadium pays more attention to your comfort.

  Adult burning value: about 270 calories / hour, a round of time is about 3 hours, so you can burn 810 calories conversion.

  Sports evaluation: Sports that benefit both physiology and health, but the intake is relatively large.

  Sport plan five: Horseback riding seems a little far away from us. In the impression, how smart can be the horse, but no matter what, horseback riding is a fashion and a trend.

  Suitable for the crowd: women under 40 years of age, because this exercise is dangerous.

  Sports equipment: riding gear (can also be general sportswear), horses (preferably bundled with spiritual, accessible horses), hats.  Sports effect: can exercise your agility and coordination, and can make your whole body muscles exercise, especially the leg muscles.

  Aunt burn value: 240 calories / hour.

Sports evaluation: Close to the natural way of exercise, make your physiology happy.

  Sports plan six: Volleyball When our women’s volleyball team won five consecutive championships, we were not big, but it made many of us hooked on this sport. Volleyball makes our minds more flexible.The charm of art is that it requires collective effort.

  Suitable for the crowd: people under 35 years old, after all, its exercise intensity is very large.

  Sports equipment: sportswear, sneakers.

  Exercise effect: In fact, the longer you are, it is recommended that you join this exercise as early as possible. The exercise effect on the arm muscles and abdominal muscles is particularly obvious, and it is also very helpful for improving your sensitivity.

  Aunt combustion value: 180 calories / hour.

  Sports evaluation: make your collaboration more powerful!