Love: Need physical proof!

Love: Need physical proof!

Before love came, and before my dream of being a poet was shattered, I firmly believed.

Later, the desire for love was transformed into the practice of love. Practice was the sole criterion for testing the truth. It was discovered that love was full of love, deposited in the heart, and turned around alone.

When love needs to pass, when love needs to be confessed, and when love needs to be accepted, love must not allow love itself to be attached to a certain substance in order to complete its mission.

  Love needs and should be proved in a material way.

Don’t mention the matter, we are so narrowly associated with the body, with precious diamonds, sports cars, villas.

Matter is inherently innocent. If there is a difference, the treatment and use of matter are different.

  A friend of mine broke up with his girlfriend.

They have been in love for nearly four years, eating together, living together, and even my friend ‘s passbook is in the hands of his girlfriend. Everyone thinks that they are about to achieve positive results, and it is difficult to be married.It is expected that love will be harder to aggravate.

  I naturally have to exercise the obligation to comfort each other, and both the exerciser and the recipient who avoid it are well aware. At this moment, such comfort is just a display that looks good but has no effect at all.

  He said it was a peaceful breakup, no noise, no trouble, people moved away, nothing was taken away except his own things, and the passbook was also returned to him. He handed them over, not necessarily thrown at him as imagined.Body.
Well, to be more straightforward, a lot of my age-loving friends have been dumped by others.

  The stealing is that the surface of the watch is very civilized and decent, which is essentially one of the most troublesome ways to break up, because the abandoned party usually can’t figure out why this is, so it has a complex fantasy.

As a friend of this person, don’t think that you just need to pretend to be sitting in a similar dejected manner, and sit opposite him and put a bunch of unsound advices that I do n’t know how many people have said many times.Looking at the helpless and begging eyes, no matter who he was, he could only raise his chest and cover his inner anxiety, expressing his pledge: I went to persuade her and changed my mind.

I went to persuade the girl and she had no responsibilities.

  ”I know he loves me,” the girl did not hold in imagination, was not sad in imagination, everything was normal, as if there was no such thing, or she did realize that she was relaxed for the first time in four years,I love him, but I never felt his love for me.

“I’m at a loss.

  ”He never sent me flowers.

“” Back from a business trip, he never brought me a dress.

“” He never gave me a hint of surprise.

“I rushed to justify my friend.

Yeah, he is an incomprehensible person, he won’t come, he won’t please girls.

However, he is 100% to you. Did n’t he give you every penny he earned, what to spend, clothes, you ca n’t buy it by yourself . she did n’t even smile until I finished talking.: “In the beginning, you gave your wife a sum of money and told her to go back and buy two rings. We’ll get married.

Will she agree?

“I’m speechless.

“I need love, and I need his proof of love to show me.

“That’s so fake,” I said with a clear lack of confidence.

“He loves me so much, how can it be fake?

“This is the real story I want to tell you.

In this story, my lobbying knows that it is pale and weak, so it doesn’t work at all.

Later, less than half a year after the two broke up, the girl had a boyfriend again, earning less than my friends, but would express his admiration very much. The girl sold his Jetta car for his birthday.She bought a large diamond ring, proposed it, and became.

Since I have been in touch with this girl, I have known her new boyfriend. My boyfriend confessed to me. In fact, his parents promised to send him on and off the new car when he got married. The old Jetta will be sold sooner or later.Makes sense.

  ”She was so moved, to be honest, I was quite touched.

“And my friend, thirty-seven this year, the name of the oldest diamond king is getting louder and louder, but he is always lonely, and from time to time he also said something to me: I’m not the kind of person with an empty head.

  In the face of love, how much you can give varies from person to person, and how much you want to get varies from person to person.

I just want to say that if you cannot learn to express love in a concrete and material way, just walk and see, failure is waiting for you not far away.