Late sleepers, please think about your skin health


Late sleepers, please think about your skin health

If you can go to bed normally at 12 o’clock, maybe you will shout God blessing happily. Every morning big bags under the eyes and dark circles replace your beautiful makeup, then you have to consider your health and skin health.Just a moment.

  First, it is recommended to “dinner” before going to bed late.

hzh {display: none; }  皮肤在得不到充足睡眠的情况下,会出现营养(水分、养分)的过度流失,在晚餐时多补充一些含维生素C或含有胶原蛋白的食物,利于皮肤恢复弹性And gloss.
  ★ Dinner includes: collagen-implanted foods such as “animal skin”, vitamin C in a large amount of fruit, or oral 1?
2 vitamin C tablets.

  ★ Dinner should be eliminated: spicy food to prevent excessive evaporation of moisture in the skin.

Sensitive skin should eat as little seafood as possible.

Alcoholic beverages have a great impact on the absorption and retention of nutrients in the skin, so try to use less.

  Second, to give plenty of moisture to stay up late, you should pay attention to keep indoor air open and have a certain humidity.

  If you can’t change the quality of the environment you are in (such as bars, restaurants, factory production lines, etc.), you need to pay more attention to care-use a lotion containing a lot of moisture and nutrients, which is easy for skin absorption.

  Third, those who stay up late have stomach protection. People who often stay up late, Chinese medicine is called Yin deficiency Huowang people, such people also often have gastrointestinal problems, which can be improved through diet to achieve the purpose of protecting the stomach.

  Fourth, the precautions during staying up all night, we will feel tired when staying up late, but no matter how tired, it is best not to go to bed in the middle, like a machine, suddenly turned on and off suddenly, very bad for the body, be sureTake a break when things are busy.

  2. If things are not busy when you are sleepy, you can drink some stimulating drinks such as coffee or tea to refresh yourself, but you should pay attention to hot drinks, not too high, so as not to hurt your stomach.

  3. When staying up late, the brain’s oxygen demand will increase, and you should always take deep breaths.

  4. When things are busy, be sure to relax, even if you are not sleeping, sit in a chair to relax.

  Fifth, “late sleep” but not “late wash” In general, the skin rest time is at 10:00 in the evening?
Enter the night maintenance status between 11:00.

In this way, although the skin cannot normally enter sleep in the next stage, it can also receive nutrients and water normally.

  6. “Sedation” in the hustle and bustle is because of lack of sleep. Drinking strong tea or coffee, alcohol, etc. to maintain excitement is the method used by late-sleepers.

In this way, dark circles, bags under the eyes, dull skin and so on are prone to appear.

  Seven, recovery measures after staying up late 1.

Use five to ten minutes before going to bed or after getting up (use a moisturizing mask) to replenish dehydrated skin.


When you wash your face after getting up, use cold and heat to stimulate the blood circulation on the face 3.

When applying care products, massage the face for five minutes; 4.

After getting up in the morning, drink a cup of Chinese wolfberry tea, which has the effect of nourishing qi and improving one’s body.


Do a simple aerobic exercise, exercise your bones and muscles, and boost your spirits.


Breakfast must be full, but not cold food.