Efficient rules for crushing rational fitness

Efficient rules for crushing rational fitness

Keep in mind that if there is no change in training content to guarantee, there will be no good results.

The body itself will also have the characteristics of liking the new and hating the old. If this training point cannot be grasped, the value of sweat will not be fully reflected.

  Fitness is no longer a completely new concept, but it is always the best way to give you “fuel your body and increase your temperament”.

After clarifying the basic concepts, we need to dig deeper and apply a saying, that is, at the right time, the right place, the right coach, and choose the most effective fitness method that meets your physical needs to achieve the best results.
  Fitness can enhance and increase temperament. In the pursuit of this material wealth and spiritual wealth, we must “grasp with both hands, both hands must be hard.”

  Personal trainers have always been aware of the need to hire the most professional and the best.

Because whether in business or other fields, they eventually find that the most professional is the best, and in fact the result is the best: the least time is spent and the most efficient.

  Many fitness people, with the increasing personal trainer relationship, are increasingly interested in fitness.

“People are like this. If they are effective and fun, they will take the initiative and work hard to do one thing.

Actually, I have been in the gym for 2 years before, but my interest and effect are not great.

Later, I hired my current personal trainer to practice physical exercises with him, and the training gap has become a friend he talks with.

The chairman of a foreign company in Shanghai described this to the author.

  At present, personal trainers in Shanghai are divided into two extremes, one is at the tip of the pyramid, the other is at the bottom of the industry, and the middle part is missing.

There are few and fine people on the tip of the pyramid. They have more foreign learning experiences, understand the physical and psychological structure of the human body, and know how to communicate well with customers. They also have a wealth of nutritional knowledge, which can be called a compound type.Talent.
In addition, these people who are at the bottom of the industry generally come from a certain sports program to “change jobs” and understand some sports knowledge, but they are not systematic and comprehensive and can only provide simple fitness guidance.

Therefore, when we choose a personal trainer, we need to take more time to understand.

  For most people, it is still a lot of expense to run a fitness year card in a fitness place. Therefore, when choosing a fitness place, we also need to choose more and compare more.

Therefore, the author interviewed the sales staff of several large fitness clubs in Shanghai and provided some professional opinions for the readers.

  Three criteria 1.

For a reasonable price, each fitness center will have certain fluctuations and discounts in terms of price.

You can ask if the membership consultant or salesperson is in the promotion period?

Is membership fee waived?

Is it a gift of time?

According to the fitness season in Shanghai, the large fitness club in Shanghai offers various activities and preferential policies from time to time. We can pay attention to it in many ways.


If conditions permit, you can choose a couple card, double card or off-peak card to reduce costs.

The opening hours of the fitness club are generally from 5 am to 10:30 pm. If the nature of our work permits, we can avoid opening peak hours and achieve the best fitness results.


Physical examinations are usually arranged after joining the conference, including cardiopulmonary function, compliance, etc., and the brakes are used to make training plans accordingly.

The distance fitness club will give you a special physical test after you become a full member, and put forward different fitness opinions according to your physical condition.

  Three Misunderstandings 1.

Choose places that your friends highly recommend to you.

Everyone’s preferences are different. The places that your friends like may not be suitable for you. It is the most important that you like them.


Location is the most important.

The closer the unit is to your home, the better. If you spend a lot of time on the road before and after each fitness session, then it won’t be long before your fitness enthusiasm will be greatly reduced.


The more expensive the fitness venue, the better.You should choose the fitness venue that suits you best.

If you like swimming, you might choose Alexandria, Megabridge, etc .; if you have a low income and want professional fitness, some fitness clubs with many fitness branches may be a good choice.

  How to judge a strong body?

This question is often asked.

“Refreshing, higher, stronger” is a requirement for competitive athletes. When it comes to fitness, it is interpreted as “running, jumping high, and able to lift.”

Running represents excellent cardiopulmonary function, jumping represents good explosive power and coordination, and weight bearing indicates that the body has enough muscles.