Love and hatred of cleansing oil and acne


Love and hatred of cleansing oil and acne

Cleansing oil is very clean, but for oily skin that is prone to acne, continuous use of cleansing oil can cause sensitive acne infections.

In order to avoid the spread of acne, we must master the correct makeup remover, and choose a makeup remover that suits your skin!

  For many women, makeup is a routine thing like eating and sleeping. We spend a lot of time on makeup and also understand the essence of makeup removal.

A good makeup remover can provide a good foundation for skin care.

But while cleansing oil cleans the skin, it may bring endless acne problems to the skin!

  Why do I get acne with a cleansing oil?

  ”Oil-soluble oil” is a major feature of cleansing oil products. Apply it on the face in the state of dry hands and face, massage it, and then emulsify it with water. The residue of cosmetics and the dirt in the airThe oil stains made by mixing with sebum can be washed away, and the skin pores are instantly translucent.

  Cleansing oil raw materials are basically divided into two categories: mineral oils and vegetable oils. If artificially synthesized esters that cause acne and acne are added to the product, especially the two types of myristate and hexadecanoate are irritatingArtificially synthesized esters can easily cause acne.

  Of course, if you do not remove the oil from the cleansing oil thoroughly when you remove your makeup, and allow them to accumulate on the board for a long time, blocking the pores will also cause acne.

  Can’t you use cleansing oil for acne?

  If you notice that you have acne with a new makeup remover, it is best to suspend use, otherwise follow-up care for acne is also very difficult.

But not every MM is not suitable for cleansing oil.


In terms of skin quality, people with dry and normal skin are suitable to use makeup remover.


For people with oily or acne-prone skin, it is best to choose a product based on vegetable oils, and be sure to clean it again with a cleanser, or replace the cleansing oil with a cleansing water.


For sensitive skin, you can use cleansing oils locally, such as those for the eyes and lips. It is recommended to choose a cleansing product that does not contain oils.


You should carefully check the ingredient description before purchasing makeup remover, try not to choose products containing those two kinds of artificial esters, and be sure to wash them in place after use, which can effectively avoid the formation of acne.

  The correct way to remove makeup is essential. The use of cleansing oil is also an important key. No matter what kind of oil, as long as the residue will become acne, the correct makeup habit must be established.


Take an appropriate amount of makeup remover, and evenly apply it on the face and parts with a cotton pad or fingertips, from the cheeks, forehead, and fingertips from the cheeks in a spiral manner.

Pay attention to the recesses and the parts that are easy to get dirty, such as the recess of the bridge of the nose, and massage gently for several minutes in a spiral shape from the outside to the inside with your fingers.

Remove the foundation of the neck and clean it from bottom to top.


When the color of the makeup remover becomes darker, it means that the cleaning process has been completed, and the tissue paper should be carefully wiped from the top to the outside. After using the cotton pad, it should be replaced immediately to avoid reuse.

Can it be wiped continuously with a cotton pad?
3 times until the cotton pad does not leave the foundation color.


Use a cleansing product suitable for your skin type to fully foam. Only the product contains a large amount of air and moisture will not cause irritation to the skin. Pay attention to rinse the corners with water.

  Finally, I would like to remind everyone that makeup remover oil must be cleaned easily with warm water. If you wash with cold water, a lot of oil will remain in it, which will cause skin problems.

It is recommended to clean it with a daily cleanser after using makeup remover.