How to apply mask on winter in the winter


How to apply mask on winter in the winter

After bathing in the mask after bathing in winter, the pores are slightly opened by the influence of steam and steam, and the whole person will be very comfortable.

Lying in bed and then hydrating the mask, the effect of the mask can be better.

It is the most comfortable thing to take a warm bath in the bath during the bath. The hot air in the bathtub will open the pores. At this time, apply a mask to relax, and the open pores can be big.Absorbs nutrients and moisture.

Warm water heating mask in the cold winter, the mask is cold and cold, and applying a mask also requires courage.

You can put the mask that has not been removed into 37掳 warm water before applying the mask.

After 2 minutes, take it out and apply a warm, warm mask to open the pores and absorb it more quickly.

Remember that the water temperature should not be too hot, otherwise it will easily damage the nutrients of the mask.

DIY Hydrating Mask Choose a non-alcoholic lotion and lotion.

Then take a cotton pad, soak the cotton pad with a lotion, then apply a proper amount of lotion onto the cotton pad, then apply the dry face.

After 10 minutes, the softness and softness of the lotion are more easily absorbed by the skin, and the moisturizing effect is very good.

Apply the essence before applying the mask, first apply a layer of essence, supplement the appropriate massage to make the skin blood circulation faster, the surface temperature of the skin rises, and then apply a face-to-face sealing mask to let the skin fully absorb the nutrients.
The length of time is 15 to 20 minutes. Many women think that the longer the mask is applied, the more nutrients and moisture are absorbed. It is a pity that there is so much liquid on the mask.

In fact, if the mask is applied for too long, it will not achieve the effect you want, but it will make your skin lose water.

The most suitable time for masking is 15 to 20 minutes.

In the winter when the frequency is dry three times a week, although a lot of hydration is needed, the mask that is too alternating will only burden the skin, and the mask treatment three times a week is most suitable.

And the mask is thinned every day with a layer of cuticle, which may make the skin more dry and sensitive.