Green vegetables

Green vegetables

Various vitamins contained in vegetables have been found to be related to cancer prevention. For example, the replacement of vitamin C in green vegetables can inhibit the synthesis of carcinogen nitrosamine. Carotene is a precursor of vitamin A, and vitamin A is to maintain the normal differentiation of epithelial cells., An important ingredient to prevent malignancy.

The large family of vitamin E and vitamin B also play an important role in maintaining the body’s immune function and enzyme metabolism.


Cruciferous plants: most types of vegetables are eaten by their stems and leaves, such as Chinese cabbage, pakchoi, cabbage, cauliflower, and rape.

Varieties of vegetables contain cyanuramide derivatives, which can induce the activity of various enzymes, reduce the anti-cancer effect, and contain trace elements molybdenum and zinc.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the sexual taste is more cool, and the effect of clearing heat and detoxifying is obvious.


Rhizome vegetables: such as carrots, radishes, bamboo shoots, sweet potatoes, etc. Some also belong to cruciferous plants, but they are eaten in underground rhizomes and contain more carotene to prevent cancer.

Containing many fibers, Chinese medicine claims that it is good for broadening the bowel and reducing the effect of regulating qi.


Seaweed plants: such as kelp, laver, konbu and other foods.

It can extract polysaccharides, improve immune function to prevent cancer, and high iodine content to maintain normal thyroid function.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the sexual taste is mostly salty cold, which has the functions of softening and firming, and eliminating gluttony.


Edible fungi: such as shiitake mushrooms, straw mushrooms, enoki mushrooms, etc., and black fungus, tremella, etc., combined with polysaccharides and ribonucleic acid to promote cellular immunity and interferon production.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that polysexuality, sweetness, invigorating qi and resolving phlegm, often have both righting and eliminating evil.