4 small methods such as massage to cure vomiting during pregnancy

4 small methods such as massage to cure vomiting during pregnancy

Some pregnant mothers will have more or acute vomiting during the first 1-2 months of pregnancy, lose their appetite, and vomit when eating food.

In the face of vomiting during pregnancy, some small methods to treat vomiting without harming the health of the oxidant can be used to relieve the symptoms.

Here are four tips for you to treat vomiting during pregnancy.

  Method 1: The time of acupoint massage, the pregnant woman herself uses her fingers to alternately massage the left and right sides of the Neiguan acupoints (on the palm surface of both forearms, the middle of the two tendons at the four horizontal fingers on the second horizontal line behind the wrist) and the Zusanli acupoint (in theFour horizontal fingers below the patella of the knee joint, and one horizontal finger next to the anterior edge of the upper bone).

The method is to squeeze and knead slightly with the palm of the index finger at the acupuncture point, continuously for 20-30 times each time.

  Method 2: Distract more and carry out appropriate stylistic activities, read books and newspapers, husband and wife talk happily, gradually increase the atmosphere of joy, divert and distract the focus on rejection and vomiting.

  Method 3: Adjust your diet to eat less and eat more. You can eat more acidic or salty foods with high nutritional value. Choose foods that are easy to digest and absorb, which is also helpful to prevent vomiting.

  Method 4: Folk single grapefruit skin 9-12 grams, decoction for tea; 6 grams of fresh reed root decoction; potato juice in a wine cup, dripping with a small amount of orange juice; 12 grams of ume and 15 grams of rock sugar, decoction.
Chinese medicine can be used 9 grams of Huangling, 9 grams of bamboo, 3 slices of ginger, decoction.