Maintenance recipes for treating stomach problems

Maintenance recipes for treating stomach problems

As the saying goes, “the stomach must be ruled by three points and raised by seven points”, so the maintenance recipes for stomach problems are very important and there are many. Today I will introduce some maintenance recipes that are easy to do in comfort.Helped.

  1. Starting from daily life, at least three meals a day should be quantified regularly, it is best to set a schedule for yourself, and then strictly observe it.

At the same time, the instant sleep time has an effect, because some people who sleep late and get up late eat together for breakfast and lunch. This habit must be changed. It is not that supper can be replaced at night because the biological clock can move back and forth.But always within a certain range, it is impossible to make much difference.

  2. In general, people with poor digestive function in the stomach will be full if they eat a little, and they will bloat if they eat a little more. Especially if they eat more at night, they will fall asleep because of stomach stagnation.

Hard, fibrous things don’t digest well.

In fact, it is recommended to eat less and more meals. If it is not time for dinner, you can add some food, but it should not be too much. You must remember that this is not a regular meal. You should eat it as normal.

  The food is mainly soft and loose. Some of the more suitable and refreshing things should not be eaten because these things are the most difficult to digest.

It is best to drink soup before meals. Drinking after meals will also increase digestion difficulties.

It is best not to eat for two or three hours before falling asleep, otherwise it will easily affect falling asleep. If you feel empty stomach, you can drink more water.

  3, people with stomach problems should quit smoking, alcohol, coffee, strong tea, carbonated drinks (soda), hot and sour irritating foods, these are the most upset stomach.

The spleen of the stomach is hot and dry, so cold drinks and ice cream must also be abstained. The food should be hot, which is a test for anyone, especially in the hot summer season.

  There are two types of beverages that should be drunk, one is milk and the other is hot water.

Milk can form a protective film for the stomach. It is best to drink a glass of milk after getting up every morning.

Drink plenty of water, especially hot water, because in most cases people mistake water for hunger.

  4. Although soy milk is good, it is cold and cannot replace milk.

  5, steamed bread can nourish the stomach, may wish to try as a staple food.

  6. Other vegetables and fruits are indispensable for the human body, so they should be sufficient.

But it is best to cook it softer before eating, so that the stomach will feel better.

Vegetables and peels have more fiber and can be eaten in moderation, but not too much and not easy to digest, so fruits can be eaten relatively.

  7, people with stomach problems should not exercise after meals, it is best to rest and wait for the stomach food to digest almost before starting work, or walking slowly, it is better for digestion, in short, it is not appropriate to work after a meal.

  8. In non-acute situations, taking medicine is not recommended, because there are alternatives to taking medicine for a long time, and stomach disease is a chronic disease, and it is impossible to cure in a short time.

If necessary, it is advisable to go to Chinese medicine. The prescription of Chinese medicine is especially effective for raising the stomach.

  9. Papaya is suitable for the spleen nature of the stomach and can be regarded as a nourishing food, but for people with gastric acid free radicals, do not use too much.

In addition, we must remember that the stomach is dry and cold, and other cold foods such as mung bean paste should not be eaten except ice.

  Tips: Stomach disease is a chronic disease and cannot be cured in a short time.

The cure for illness is to rely on “nurture”. If you are in a hurry, you can only get it from the improvement of living habits.

We all need a good stomach, and these changes in habits are necessary.