Be a healthy vegetarian


Be a healthy vegetarian

Nutrition experts have been experts: trying to eat plant foods, eating less animal foods, especially eating low-fat foods, is a healthy way to eat.

In the hustle and bustle of urban life, the vegetarian concept of 鈥済reen vegetables and radish keeps you safe鈥?is getting more and more popular. So how do you know how to eat vegetarian food?

銆€銆€Knowing the benefits of vegetarianism, perhaps the only problem you worry about is that you don’t get the nutrients that meat has.

In fact, as long as you are vegetarian, you can choose a little dish, not a few dishes, you can get enough nutrition.

In addition, since the cell tissue of the meat itself is close to the human body, the human body corrects the absorption better, and the vegetarians need to master several principles in the diet because of the reduction of meat absorption.

銆€銆€Type of species.

Absolutely staple food (rice bread, whole grains, beans) or vegetables, fruits, milk eggs, oils and fats, all contain different nutrients, and can not replace each other, so the table should be changed frequently, should beWhole wheat bread, germ bread, coarse rice, etc. instead of white rice, white noodles.

銆€銆€Choose fresh, unrefined foods.

Vegetarians should be able to develop fresh beans and whole grains, replace the vegetarian chicken, vegetarian duck habits, nutritionists strongly recommend soybeans and rough rice about one to three soybean flour rice, the ratio of protein to sugar is just right.

Before cooking, the soybeans should be soaked for 2-3 hours, and slightly soaked for 1 hour (in the summer, put them in the refrigerator to avoid acid).

Meat protein content is high, but beans, soybeans, edamame, mung beans, or tofu, dried beans and other processed beans are also rich in protein, can supplement the lack of meat due to lack of food, and eat beans without cancerWorrying too much.

銆€銆€More intake of cashew nuts, almonds and other stone fruit.

Its rich oil can supplement the body’s required content; it is best to have four or five changes in green vegetables. The iron contained in the meat can be transferred to high-iron fruits such as tomatoes, kiwis, and grapes to supplement.

Adhere to the basic dietary principles of less oil, less salt, less sugar, and consciously add more vitamins that vegetarians may lack.

銆€銆€If you are a vegetarian starter, you may feel that you have eaten a lot at the beginning, but you are very hungry. This is precisely because plants are more easily absorbed by the stomach. Don’t worry about adapting slowly.

銆€銆€It is worth noting that vegetarians can cause women’s estrogen levels to decrease. Because of their special physiological characteristics, women should not be vegetarian for at least three periods in their lifetime: girls with sexual maturity, long-term vegetarian diet can lead to estrogen levels.Too low, leading to the development of secondary sexual characteristics, there are unfavorable female breasts, gonad development and body beauty.

Women of childbearing age often suffer from vaginal obstruction if their levels of estrogen are reduced.

Menopausal women due to ovarian atrophy, estrogen secretion has been lacking or secretion “end”, if the long-term vegetarian, the symptoms of “menopausal syndrome” occur more obvious.