3 types of men are prone to infertility

3 types of men are prone to infertility

The birth of a cute baby is the desire of young couples. Outside the woman must prepare for pregnancy, the man must also face together, potential problems in male occupation may become the “culprit” of infertility.

Men in the following three occupations are susceptible to infertility. How can the impact of occupations on cultivation be reduced?


The body structure of professional drivers is very mysterious. Only the testicles of male body organs are exposed, because they are afraid of sweltering heat, so they are exposed outside for easy heat dissipation.

Professional drivers must drive in the driver’s seat every day. When sperm are trapped in a sweltering, airless environment for a long time, their mobility will decrease.

  Coping strategy: Wear looser pants.

Walking around during breaks can help the testicles ventilate and dissipate heat.

Also, don’t urinate.


Every IT man is always in the radiation line. Using computer screens and mobile phones, there will be radiation lines and electromagnetic waves. The real impact is not radiation, but endless pressure.

Strictly speaking, stress itself does not cause infertility, but in fact, men’s desire for “sex” is reduced, which indirectly leads to a decline in overall sperm motility.

  Coping strategy: The other half does not prevent using some props, such as sex toys or sexy pajamas, to stir up the desire of the partner.

You can help your partner relieve stress by sweet words or bathing, massage, and once the stress is gone, you can naturally bring sexuality.


Business staff The business staff who are constantly entertained, after work, have to join the ranks of tobacco and alcohol, coupled with abnormal work and rest, of course, have an impact on physical health.

However, whether the work schedule is normal or not will not directly affect fertility. Looking at the society, there are a lot of men who need entertainment, and most of them succeed in having children.

  Coping strategies: Although smoking and alcohol do not directly cause infertility, it is recommended that men still take good care of the body to give the baby a healthy future!